Shopify store-owners can soon choose to offer Buy With Prime (Amazon) directly within their shopify checkout

In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, surprises are a rarity, but when they happen, they tend to reshape the landscape dramatically. One such surprise came when two giants of online retail, Shopify and Amazon, joined forces to offer Shopify merchants a game-changing opportunity. With this partnership, Shopify merchants can now offer the coveted 'Buy with Prime' option to their customers. This unexpected alliance is set to bring a new dimension to e-commerce, providing Shopify sellers with an unprecedented advantage.

The Powerhouses Unite

Shopify, a platform that empowers businesses to create their online stores, and Amazon, the global e-commerce behemoth, are not typically seen as natural allies. Shopify is known for its dedication to enabling businesses to maintain control over their brand and customer data. Amazon, on the other hand, is synonymous with its vast customer base, rapid shipping options, and the beloved Prime membership.

The Collaboration's Key Benefit

So, what exactly does this collaboration entail? The core benefit for Shopify merchants is the ability to integrate Amazon's 'Buy with Prime' option into their Shopify Checkout process, which is facilitated by Shopify Payments. This means that Shopify sellers can offer their products to Amazon Prime members right from their own Shopify stores.

For the first time ever, Shopify merchants will be able to tap into the immense market of Prime members, which numbers in the tens of millions in the United States alone. This represents a significant expansion of their potential customer base.

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Control and Autonomy

One of Shopify's defining features is its commitment to giving merchants control over their brand and customer data. With this partnership, that commitment remains unaltered. Shopify sellers can maintain 100% control over their brand image and customer information through Shopify's admin. They won't need to compromise on their independence or customer relationships, even as they gain access to Amazon's vast customer network.

A Game-Changer for Shopify Businesses

The introduction of the 'Buy with Prime' option within the Shopify ecosystem is a game-changer for Shopify businesses. This move not only provides a new revenue stream but also enhances the shopping experience for their customers. Prime members, accustomed to fast and reliable shipping, can now enjoy the same benefits when shopping from Shopify merchants.
Furthermore, this partnership empowers small and medium-sized businesses on the Shopify platform to compete more effectively with larger retailers. It levels the playing field by giving them access to the same customer base that once seemed out of reach.


In the world of e-commerce, where competition is fierce and innovation is key, the unexpected partnership between Shopify and Amazon to offer 'Buy with Prime' to Shopify merchants is a groundbreaking development. It bridges the gap between two giants and offers Shopify sellers a unique advantage in the market. With access to Amazon's Prime members, control over their brand, and the flexibility to maintain their customer relationships, Shopify merchants are poised for a new era of growth and success. This collaboration demonstrates that in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, the unexpected can be the catalyst for unprecedented opportunities.

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