Amazon, VA, FBA PL - Account & Company

Amazon & Virtual Assistant

Amazon FBA, Amazon Whole & Private Label Brand Launches. From Product Research to Ranking offering a wide scope of experience.

Amazon has today become the largest ecommerce marketplace in the US and the UK, and now you want a peice of it, while sitting in Pakistan. Our company will assist you through the company formation process to the product research and eventually Launch of the product

You get a US or a UK company using your Pakistani ID, you get STRIPE and PAYPAL on the same company and we start registration of your seller central amazon account.

VA services

We start off from product research using state of the art tools, such as keyword research tools, jungle scout, helium10, merchant words, viral launch, and then we source the product for you. Getting it to FBA and then launching the product with excellent sales velocity. We ensure keyword ranking.

VA as your partner

Our VA services are a fulltime job for your brand, we essentially dedicate a VA on your brand who will work on designated hours to keep your ranking afloat. He will also monitor competition and replenish the invetory when its needed, he will guide you through digital marketing when and were required.

Company Formation from Pakistan

Forming a company, getting a bank account, charge method, deposit method and a UK/USA local number all services are provided by us. And the best part is that everything will be done from Pakistan using your Pakistani ID. You will be operating an international business while sitting at home.